Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Keep Your Friends Close, Keep Your Enemies Closer

          RANDOM QUOTES!                      

Hey all you youths',
as a human being, we all have someone we don't
particularly like. It may not necessarily be an
enemy, but in someways they hapPen to get on
our bad side.
I would agree that it is much easier to despise
and disregard them as a friend, because well,
'if you don't like someone, you would obviously
not want to have anything to do with them.'
But is that really what we should do?

There are so very many ways to create an enemy,
ways such as jealousy, aggravating attitudes,
dissaproving manner, vulgarity, competitiveness,
and so on so forth.
It's a shame you see,
when there's something about someone we cannot
stand, that's when we lose a potential friend.

But, there's nothing gained from hatred. and being
able to love your enemy doesn't come overnight.
We shouldn't just love them cause it's the right
thing to do, we should love them genuinely as Christians.
Learn to be the bigger person.
and try to do this with compassion,
understand the other persons point of view.

God COMMANDS us to love,
our HIGHIEST calling is to spread the love
of God, and teach others to grow in him,
how can we do so, if we ourselves do not practice love.

And if the tables are turned, and if YOU are someone
elses enemy today,
try to determine what part you play to contribute to this
feud, and end it.
Forgive them, and pray for them.
It is always better to have friends than enemies.

Do not repay anyone evil for evil. Be careful to
do what is right in the eyes of everybody.
If it is possible, as far as it depends on you,
live at peace with everyone. Do not take revenge,
my friends, but leave room for God's wrath, for it
is written: "It is mine to avenge; I will repay,
" says the Lord. On the contrary: "If your enemy is
hungry, feed him; if he is thirsty, give him something
to drink. In doing this, you will heap burning coals on
his head." Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome
evil with good (Romans 12:17-21).

Anyone who claims to be in the light but hates his
brother is still in the darkness. Whoever loves his
brother lives in the light, and there is nothing in
him to make him stumble (1 John 2:9-10).

As for those who haven't been around lately,
We keep you in our prayers, and hope that ya'll continue
your walk with God, and we pray that we will see you soon.

Friday, July 30, 2010

PAR-TAY anD catCh uP seSsion.


AgenDa : in oRder foR ALL YounGer Youth's to catCh uP!
Date    : 1 AuguSt 2010
Time   : After ChurCh, 1pm - 4am
Venue : PeteR anD JefFery's hOuse, Sa-laK-sau.
Fees   : RM5
Food  : we wiLl bE haVinG pizZa.

R.S.V.P by (actuaLly yeSteRday), but As sOon aS poSsiBle guyS!

DreSs cOde : CaSual / chuRch weaR.

BrinG youRseLf~!! and HavE FUN~!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Our Dear sister Angela birthday

Hi peeps,

We are here to wish aNgeLa a blessed birthday

Is a belated one actually

on the 2 June 2010.. sorry for that angela

May our Good God bless her as she enters the age of 16. =)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Yo sHaWTy iT's YoUr BiRtHdAY !

" LiKE Oh mY GoSHhhh, I wAS LikE oVeR tHeRe buT NoT ReaLLy ThERE ?!"

So whose birthday is it ? Still don't know ? Let me help you guys

She's "BIMBOTIC". She has her own Microsoft font called "AngEliciOusnEsS". She has a Nemesis by the name of Austin Hii, (who is by the way also her brother) and She really LOVES to TALK a lot, no I'm not kidding she really really TALKS ALOT.

But beneath the "ohmygoshhhhxoxo" exterior,this girl is a really FINE friend & a God-fearing woman, who is ready to lend a helping hand whenever you are in trouble..

So, Angela Hii I wish u a very happy 16th Birthday !!  :) Hope you had a good one..

XOXO You know You Love Me...

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


ExplanatiOn foR no updateS :
FunnY stoRy......... Kinda foRgot thE Login I.D.... hEh*

In anY caSe.. weLl we're back with yet,
another Birthday!! 
But there's a difference, thiS BirthDay iS SPECIAL!!
it's Big!.............................
it's HuGe!.........................
iT's........... thE Birthday OF!
ahaHa.. totaLly!

anYwaYz, it waS bRandon's Birthday on thE 25th May!
iF ya'll haven't wish him.. don't! JKJKJK!
try to give him a ring..
or call, anything... oR FaceBook him.. i know ya'll can
do that.. =)

Although Brandon has left Younger Youth for the
Teacher's Training class, He is stiLl a
YounGer yOuth-er, indirectly.
So, reGardless, he's still one of us!! sOoo WISH AWAY!

To Brandon :
CongRats on tuRning 18!
Hope you had a fruitful life for the past 18 years!
Pray that you'll do well in college.
Keep up your strong Faith.
Wishing you a Blessed Belated Birthday!

Wouldn't know much bout college life. Just seems really FUN. 
However, we knOw it can be really stressful with your exams coming up and all.
Just CHILL and do your best!
will keep you in our PraYers!

Hope you'll enjoy your time in the Teacher's Training class
But, pLeAz DON'T foRget US!
Oh, yea DRIVE SAFE!!
 P.S : anY1 needs a driver? we've got Peter, Brandon and Li Yin!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

DeEpeSt CondOlenCeS!

SoOo, in caSe yOu don't knOw, ouR teaCheR, DeRic moK
anD ouR bRo DanieL moK's, gRanDmotheR paSseD
aWay laSt wEek anD thE funEraL waS cOnduCteD on
mOndaY nigHt.
PeteR, Li Yin anD AnGeLa fRom thE yOunGer youTh
weRe theRe foR moRal sUppoRt, anD hOpefuLly thE otheR's
sEnd theiR rEgaRds via teXt, caLl oR
faCebOok, i gueSs. =)

On behaLf oF YounGeR yOuth, :
We woUld likE to eXtenD ouR deEpeSt cOndoLencEs to
Bro. DeriC anD DanieL mOk foR thEir loSt.
: PraYinG, thaT thiS inciDenT wiLl sOmehOw, heLp ya'Ll
geT cloSeR witH youR waLk wiTh God. 
wiLl bE keEpinG you in ouR pRayErs! =) 

ThiS iS aLsO, a stRonG rEminDeR tO eveRyonE aBout
thE timE fRamE of ouR livEs! you neveR knOw whEn wiL
bE yOur laSt day befoRe yOu aRe caLled baCk hOme to
bE wiTh ouR FatheR.
ouR minD : ouR minD keEps teLlinG uS thaT wE
                    aRe stiLl yOunG thaT wE sTilL haVe
                    timE tO spaRe. But, thEn aGain, wE'd 
                    nEveR knOw. 

Soo, haVe yOu dOne yOur paRt heRe on eaRth?
yOur paRt aS ChriST amBaSsaDors.
yOur paRt aS the bOdy of ChriSt.
yOur paRt aS hiS chiLdRen...
If He aSkeD yOu, whaT have yOu donE foR Me?
whaT wOuld youR reSponD bE?

iF yOu've fOund lovE anD
haPpineSs in thE LoRd. thEn yoU aRe tRuly haPpy anD
thiS lovE cannOt, shOuld nOt, bE cOntainEd wiThin
You anD otheR bElieveRs anD foLloweRs oF ChriSt.
inSteaD, paSs aRounD thiS undYinG lovE anD tRue
haPpineSs to thoSe whoSe loSt theiR waY oR haVe yEt to
knOw thiS LoRd wE pRaiSe anD GloriFy.

Now gO, spReaD thE loVe anD haPpineSs peOple.
cLocK's tiCkinG!! =)

Gentle-men..................... and woman!

LaDieS anD gEntLemEn :

'GentLeneSs" iS an inTeReStinG fRuiT oF thE sPiRit.
Just likE thE othEr spiRituaL fRuitS, 
gEntLenSs iS an aSpeCt oF God's chaRaCteR
whiCh God's foLloweRs takE on aS theY foLlow ChriSt. 
BeinG gEntle mEanS thaT yoU refuSe to uSe poweR foR anY
haRmfuL aCts. iT iS an unWiLlinGneSs to cuT anD slaSh aT peOple,
spiTe or conTroL.

GentLeneSs iS a deSire thaT nO haRm bE dOne.
TheRe aRe waYs to bE boLd, nOn-viOlent waYs yo
stanD uP foR whaT is riGht,
anD nOn-maniPulaTive waYs to leaD anD convinCe

iT iS juSt nOt ouR hUman naTuRe to bE gEntle. aGreE?
iT iS beyOnd ouR 'soCiety's inFluenCe'.
We aRe simply nOt gEntle cReatuRes.

DeSpite thE teRm 'gEntlemAn'.
MaleS simPly aRen't gEntle theSe daYs.
nOt aLl. Most.
  MaleS aRe quiCker iF thE fiSts anD haRsh woRds.
wOmen on thE otheR hanD aRe, haVe hiStoricaLly beEn more gEntle,
but thaT's a rElatiVe matteR, thEy havE theiR oWn waYs oF bEinG
viciOus anD deStRuctivE. nOt to mEntiOn maniPulaTivE.

TodaY's woRld givEs rEwaRd to hoStiLity anD gOinG to an eXtReme.
iF wE aRe to beaR thE fRuit oF gEntleneSs, wE neEd thE 
SpiRit to giVe uS thE aBliTy to bE genTle wHen iT's
haRdeSt to bE thaT waY. 

GentlenEsS iS whEn yoU caRe enOuGh to cHoOse
nOt tO bE haRsH, raSh, angRy oR rouGh.

GentLeneSs is wHen yOu knOw tHe beSt waY to hoLd an eGg.
A gEntle peRsOn knOws beTteR than to haRm otheRs,
anD so chOoseS tO aCt in a waY thaT doeS nOt.

A gEntLe reSponSe tenDs to cReatE fewEr enemiEs, anD moRe fRienDs.

Do yOu rEaLiZe iT takEs leSs timE to smiLe than iT doeS to
spEaK an enTiRe linE of woRds? 

TrY StanDinG in fRonT oF yoUr miRroR foR a mOmEnt.
SmiLe aT youRseLf foR thReE seConDs.
Then, fRown whiLe you'Re saYinG, "can'T yOu bE anY faSteR?",
anD aT thE samE timE, taP youR foOt.
How lonG diD tHat taKe?

How diD you feEl aFteR eaCh aCtiOn?
WaS theRe onE thaT maDe you eitheR feeL siLly oR
maD you laUgh aT youRseLf?
WaS thErE one thaT madE yOu feEl aGitaTed anD gRumPy?
Did eithEr onE takE veRy lonG? diD eitHer aCtiOn
chanGe thE speEd of thE cloCk?

Now, let's saY thaT yOu haVe pOor motOr skiLls anD iT
takEs yOu a feW seConDs to dO somEthinG thaT takEs manY peOple onE secOnd.
SomEonE iS bEinG imPatienT wiTh yOu.
FirSt, loOk in thE miRroR anD yEll sOmethinG baCk aT thEm in
anGeR and fUstRatiOn.
Next, smiLe anD saY "heLlo theRe" oR "goOd daY".
diD eitheR chanGe hOw lonG iT toOk yOu to
acCompliSh thE taSk?

So…, wHat wiLl yOu chOosE to dO neXt timE yOu aRe
shOppinG, aRe in a paRkinG lot, aRe simPly dRivinG to woRk?
wilL yoU raCe aCroSs tHe paRkinG lot anD bE fuStrateD,
wiTh a sloW pedEstRian oR somEonE baCkinG oUt oF a paRkinG spaCe?
WilL you bE so impaTienT aT a stOre thaT yOu
gRowl aT peOple foR bEinG in yOur waY foR moRe thaT twO seCondS?
WiL yOu yEll baCk aT thoSe imPatienT wiTh yOu?
Will yoU riSk saFety to paSs a sloW dRiveR oR bEat a peDestRian
cRossinG thE roaD?

Or.......... wiLl yoU choOse to bE gEntle witH otheRs anD youRseLf? 

For juSt onE daY tRy an eXpeRimEnt.
FoR onE daY pRomiSe youRseLf yOu wiL bE gEntle.
You wiLl bE gEntle witH otheRs anD youRseLf.
yoU wilL smiLe inSteaD of baRk.

You wiLl bReatHe deEply oR sinG a sonG whEn
yOu feeL thE anXiety cOminG oveR
you of thE timE faCtoR cloSinG in on youR BeinG.
You will smiLe at thE peRson whO iS impaTienT.
How dO yoU wanT to feEl aT thE enD oF youR daYs?
iF yoU wanT gEntle, peaCefuL evEninGs, thEn livE gEntleR, peaCefuL daYs.
iF yOu wAnt hEctiC, eXhauStinG evEninGs, thEn bE anGry anD
fuStRated aLl daY.

TimE wiLl gO on anD it dOesn't maTter wHat yOu chOose to do.
NeitheR onE wiL makEtimE go anY sloWeR or any quiCkeR,
Sooo, leT makE thE timE thaT goEs bY woRthwhiLe, bY
bEinG gentLe thRough Out thE daYs.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Part of the Fruit!

HaS a fRienD eveR hUrt yOu whO wanTed 2 plaY?
And you cOuldn't waiT foR thaT rEd leTteR-daY,
sHe saiD shE'd cOme oVeR-rain, sleEt oR snOw,
But whEn thE timE cAme, shE diDn't shOw,

GoD saYs thaT yOu aRe to bE faiThfuL anD tRue,
ThaT pEopLe shOuld knOw thEy can cOunT uPon yOu,
Let yOur yEs bE yeS anD yoUr nO bE no,
If yOu saY yOu'll bE theRe, bE suRe thaT yOu gO.

Friday, April 9, 2010

OooOoH~ DeRiC mOk's SpeCiaL daY!


DeRiC mOk anD minG ChinG, thE 2 moSt gLamOuRS,
dOwn to eaRth, faiThfuLl yOungeR youTh claSs mEntoRs...
TheY aRe tWo rEaLly wonDeRfuL peOple. anD.......
TodaY haPpenS 2 bE, onE oF thEir biRthdaYs..!!

HaPpy biRtHdaY deRiC!
2 aLl oF yOu wHo knOwS thiS aWeSomE
peRsOn knOwn aS DeRic mOk... Wel, yOu aRe a vEry
bLeSseD peRsOn. ThiS iS bEcaUse hE iS a gReaT
teaCheR anD, an evEn gReaTeR fRenD! aLthoUgH
hE haS onLy tauGhT mE, ( peRSonaLly ) foR 5 mOntHs...
i'vE lEaRneD sOo muCh thRouGh ouT thiS peRioD oF
timE! i'm sher aLl thoSe whOse beEn hiS stuDenTs fOr
aS lonG aS i haVe.. or lonGeR evEn, wouLd aGreE! 

HappY buRfdaY DeRiC!

To : DeRiC
On bEhaLf oF thE yOunGeR youThS :
wE aRe veRy gRaTeFuLl 2 haVe yOu aS ouR teaCheR
anD fRienD! thanK yOu foR keEpinG ouR claSs aLivE anD

wE, knOw iT nOt eaSy 2 takE on thE chaLlenGe oF teaChinG 
a gRouP oF aDoLenCeS whO cOulD bE prEtTy  iGnOranT
@ timEs..
hEy, wE're gRowinG uP... ( *nO oFfenSe pPl! ).
EcSpEciaLly, whEn thoSe teEnaGeRs aRe uS!!! 
anD thE shOrt oFf chanCe thaT yOu dOn't..........................
wE lovE yOu anYwaY!!
ThanK yoU foR bEinG ouR teaCheR anD FrienD.


P.S : SowiE, theRe's nO piCtuRe! hE's nOt fOnD oF
        puTtinG hiS faCe uP on thE cOmPt.
But, a liGht deScRiptiOn. He's veRy daShinG anD
hanDsOme guY! But hE's oFf thE maRkEt.. 


Saturday, April 3, 2010

GooD FridaY / SatuRdaY!

HeY peEps, sOooo sowiE, i diDn't
poSt thiS uP yEsteRdaY! =)

anYwaYzz.. gOod fRidaY waS yEsteRdaY
anD i'm sHeR, ya'Ll knOw waD thaT is riGht??
NO? seRiouSly? okiE, i'll eLaBoraTe.

GooD FridaY. iT iS a daY thaT whiCh manY mAny yEaRs
aGo, thiS veRy speCiaL peRsOn/fRienD/GoD/ kinG oF ouRs,
diEd in ouR plaCe.

ChriSt camE to eaRth anD DIED IN OUR PLACE! hiS deaTh
waS an inFiniTe paYmEnt foR ouR sinS.
ChriSt diEd to paY thE pEnaLty foR ouR sinS. He
paiD thE pRicE sO thaT wE wOuld nOt haVe to.
AnD chRisT's reSurReCtiOn ( eaSteR ) fRom tHe dEad pRovEd tHat
His deaTh waS suFficienT to pAy thE penaLty foR oUr sinS.
ArE yoU truStinG in JeSuS aS yoUr SaVioUr?

ManY pEopLe acKnowLedGe JeSus ChriSt aS a gOod man,
a gReaT teaCheR, oR evEn a pRophEt oF God.
TheSe deFinaTely aRe tRue oF Him, bUt JesuS camE tO
eaRtH to teaCh uS, heaL uS, cOrreCt uS, foRgivE uS and moSt
impOrtanTly diE foR uS! Jesus ChriSt is GoD, the CreaTor,
thE sovEreiGn LoRd.
HavE yoU acCepteD thiS JesuS?

Why do wE neEd a SaviouR? The Bible telLs uS tHat wE
havE aLl sinnEd, wE havE aLl cOmmitTed eviL aCts.
( RomanS 3 : 10 : As it iS writtEn :
"TheRe iS no onE righTeouS, noT evEn onE; )
As a reSult oF ouR sin, wE desErvE God's anGeR anD
juDgemEnt. The onLy juSt puniShmEnt foR sinS cOmmiTteD
againSt an infiniTe anD eteRnaL gOd iS an inFiniTe puSnishmEnt.
( RomanS 6 : 23 : For thE waGeS of sin iS deaTh,
bUt thE giFt oF God iS eteRnaL liF in ChriSt jeSus ouR LoRd )
ThiS iS whY wE neEd a SaviouR!

ChriSt waS pUt on thiS eaRth foR onE puRpoSe,
anD thaT is 2 suFfeR whaT wE sHoulD bE suFfeRinG!
So, neveR taKe whaT JeSuS haS dOne
foR uS foR gRanTeD, foR hE kePt hiS faiTh anD cOmpassiOn
to thoSe whO puT him thROuGh suCh aGonY!
Now, i aSk can wE dO thE samE??

Monday, March 29, 2010

RaRrRrw! cOmpEtitiOn!

lOoks likE deRiC's gOt a liTtle cOmpEtitiOn!!
haHa.. jOkin kidDinG..
yOunGeR youTh iS a pEaCfuL claS!
oR iS iT..?!

PETER, aDrian and yEe san.

sOoo thoSe whO weRe aRounD foR cLaS on sUndaY..
theRe waSn't muCh chanGe waS theRe..
OH! otheR than thE facT thaT peTer waS teaChin uS!!! =D
AweSomE joB peTeR!
*datinG.. coOl toPiC! haHa..
*PeteR's lamE joKe..
BranDon : "loVe iS blinD".
PeteR : No. yoU can SeE thE peRSon u loVe!
DUDE!! plEaZz....

anYwaYZz.. : hoPe u gainEd a chaLlenGinG eXpeRienCe fRom thiS!
P.S : sowiE foR bUllyinG u wiTh alL thE lamE gRavitY joKeS!

Thursday, March 25, 2010


WoW wOw!!
caLm dOwn, chiLl, reLaX, bReaTh, enJoy, CoOl it!
uPdaTeS aRe cOmin sOon..!!..

StaY tUnneD..... gOt pictuReS 2!! =)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

DeepEr and fuRtheR!

HEY ya'll,
Hope your having an gr8
week! haVe yOu bEen "GOOD"?
haHa.. soRy, "insiDe joKe".. =D

So, a shOuT ouT to ouR
awEsOme 18th yEaR oLds in claS!
LonG daY huH? haPpy?
saD? eCstaTiC? dEpReSseD?

sOoo i'm sure, everyone's got the memo
the results came out 2day!
i'm suRe @ 1st thEre waS nerVouSneSs
@ 1st.. bUt i,
Hope ya'll aRe satisfied with @ thE enD

iF nOt, than, wEl, iT's just hiGh school!
easy 2 say impossible to agree with,
i would know..

to the 16th year olds..
going through x-am's right now?
Right there with you people!

So, guys get ready for another chapter in
your life called "college"! unless those of
you whose already started! ALL the BEST!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

FaiTh a.k.a piCtuRe peRfeCt!
WEL, doEsn't it seEm likE eveRy1's geTinG OLDER!
haHa.. anYwHo,
TODAY, is a spEciaL daY, foR a SPECIAL gaL!
F - Fun!
A - Annoying
I - Irresistable
T - Talented
H - Hot
What is faith?? Who is Faith??
Well, in general terms, "faith" is believing in something!
puttinG hopes in it.
THAT basically defines FAITH Colleen Rundi..!
She believE's in whaT shE do and Do wHat shE
beliEveS in!
She's a DepEndaBle, sTronG, beaUtifuL (insiDe anD oUt)
dOwn to eaRth, faSiOnabLe guRl!
that laUghs waY to muCh~!
kiDdin..! haHa.

DaRyL's BioData ( HaPPi BurFdaY ) * belated.

ThiS iS aCtuaLly a BeLateD b'daY poSt!
SORRY DARYL, foR the l8 poSt anD
10 thinGs yoU shOuld knOw abOut DARYL~ :

1. He likes eating SUSHI.


3. He's best friends in Canaan are
BRANDON, JEFFERY, PETER and a few more.
( unmentioned )

4. He likes DERIC MOK and MING CHING as his
sunday school class teachers! =D

5. The most interesting thing that ever happened
to him was MEETING GOD! ( awesome )

6. The thing that annoys him the most is

7. The weirdest thing that happened to him this
past week was, ANGELA calling him!
( He needs more weird things happening! )

8. He would get VERY ANGRY if he failed his driving
test and he'll RETAKE it as soon as possible!
( u got our wishes! )

9. To him the perfect date would be
( awww, romantic much! )

10. He's a YounGer YouTh-er! haHa...
(that you should know)

wishing you all the best in whatever you do!
( eCspaciaLly youR drivinG teSt! ) haHa..

Saturday, February 20, 2010


Yo pEeps,.....!!
i'm very suRe aLl ouR aweSomE
yOunGeR youTh's aRe havinG theiR
claSs breakfaSt now...!! =D

but theRe aLwayS next time rigHt!

aitEzz, eaT uP people!! Hav fUn.. =)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010



SoRy.. CloSeSt i gOt 2 a (Lo sHanG) piC! =)

HEY ya'lL.. hoPe ya haD aS gReaT foOd aS i diD 4
ReuniOun dinneRs/lunCh!! haHa..
iF thErE anY ChinESe nEw yEaR piCtuReS
ya'lL wanT 2 uPloaD.. gO ahEaD
oR sEnd iT 2 mE.. anD i'Ll dO iT!

oK.. i'm soOoo saD.. =( won't
be joininG ya'lL foR bReaKfaSt thiS sUndaY.. bUt
i knOw iT's gOnna bE
AwEsOmE pOssUm! haha..
sOoo pWeaSe COME!

juSt 2 leT thoSe whO diDn't cOme laSt weEk knoW,
thiS SunDay cLaS iS GonnA bE "inTeReStinG"
juSt bE suRe 2 bRInG bReaKfaSt ya!

PrEfaBleLy, Don't bRinG anYthinG wiTh SoUp..
bRinG sUmthinG cOnvIeniEnT
SuCh aS : naSi lEmaK, piZza, mEEhOon
OoooOoh!! sOo hunGrY riTe nOw!! haHa..

GonnA uPdaTe A.S.A.P!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

i L-O-V-E yoU on ChinEsE nEw yEaR!! haHa

haHa... iT's chinEsE nEw yEar, i knoW evEry1
iS wiTh famiLy RigHt noW, aCtuAlly sOo am i..
bUt i'm oBliGeD 2 wiSh ya'lL anYwaY! haHa...
aiTeZz... i gOtta gO viSiT a feW reLatiVes noW!!
dOn't 4geT boUt spReaDinG thE LOVE aS weL..
aFteR aLl iT's vaLenTinE's day!! <3!=d

LOL-inG witH famiLy!

If you aRe reaDinG thiS poSt rigHt
afTer i poSt iT... i juSt 1 2 saY!!
gO awAy! youR suPpoSe 2 bE havinG
dinneR wiTh youR fam. haHa..

i'm goinG 4 dinnEr noW 2! haHa
byEzZ.. haV fUn.. yUuuUmm!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

JASON LIM ofFiciaLly tuRnS 16

SmiLe!! =D=D=D=D=D

J - juSt
A - AthLetiC
S - SecUrE
O - OriGinaL
N - noiSy!

haHa.. beinG HoneSt! oK ok..
2daY iS ouR bRo. JaSon Lim's
16th birThday!!! YAY!!
maKe suRe ya'Ll wiSh him ya!!

JasOn :
aLl thE beSt in aLl ya Do!
dOn't geT stReSseD oUt
abOuT anYthinG ya! iF you dO
yoU can taLk 2 anY1 kaYzz! hopE yoU
keEp uP youR faiTh in God anD keEp youR
fRienDs cloSe! (an enemiEs cloSeR!)
kiDdinG... =D

On behaLf oF eveRy1 :
HAPPY 16th BIRTHDAY JASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


DaniEl mOk a.k.a moKkieS

haHa.. hoPe thaT's noT hiS nuRsE!

I'm suRe eveRy1 knoW's whO
bRo. danieL mOk iS.. haHa.. iT's Sooo
weiRd 4 mE 2 caL him bRo. daniEl mOk
HaHa! oK.. juSt danieL..
4 thoSe oF you whO dOn't knoW him...
aRe you suRe youR frOm canaAn?? haHa..
jK.. He iS oUr teaCheR deRriC moK's bRo!
weL, wHaT's hE bEen uP 2? ntG muCh
eXcePt, hE juSt haD surgeRy dOne!
aLthouGh hE saYs iT nOt thaT seriOuS,
iT's stiL a veRy biG deaL..!

He iS alreaDy baCk hOmE, bUt neveRthEleSs..
PLEASE dO keEp him in pRaYeR...!
4 thoSe wHo viSiteD him, thanK yOu!
evEn in paIn... hE cOuld takE piCtuReS!! haHa..


yUkina, anGela's jaP guRl..

haVinG "ClaS"

dOn't woRry, iT nOt likE iT's maH jonG! juSt bEanS anD riCe! =)

aLl cOuldn't reSiSt! thaT's waD i loVe bOut guRls!

Hi ya'lL!! sOoooOo soRy.. bEen prEtty buSy
laTely.. hoW aRe you guYs...?? weL, oF cOurSe
i'm heRe 2 uPdaTe bOut ouR claS thE paSt weEk
GenTle rEmindeR : wE haVe no sUndaY skOol thiS
sUndaY, bUt dOn't 4geT 2 stiL
rEaD youR biBle anD pRaY! neXt
weEk we'Ll be haVinG sUmthinG
spEciaL.. nEw.. sOoo dO cOme ya!!

oK, sOoo laSt sUndaY, anGela bRouGht a jaPaneSe frienD
2 cLaSs.. goOd thinG iT waS inteRnatiOnaL weEk! haHa..
chEcK ouT the piCs wE tokE uP theRe!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

HapPy buRfdaY JANE!!

Soo, janE.. gOt anY caLls laTely??
OF COZ! hoPe ya'Ll rEmembeReD oUr
siSteR janE's biRthdaY.. weL.. BelaTeD
birThdaY noW.. sOoo, diD ya wiSh heR?
DID YA! haHa.. iF yoU haVen't................
SugGeStion : DO IT NOW!! ( unLeSs yoUr
rEadinG thiS whEn shE's in skOol, in thaT
caSe..... dO iT laTeR! ) =)=)

To janE :
WannA wiSh ya a veRy haPpy beLatEd

HopE thaT yoU keEp gRowinG
phYsicaLly, mEntaLly anD spiRituaLly..

liVe youR liFe to thE fuLleSt.. dO eveRythinG
wiTh aLl youR heaRt and whaTeveR pleaSes
thE loRd.. liFe moVeS bY in a flaSh bUt
alonG thE waY iF yoU eveR looSe youR steP..
i'm suRe ya knOw whO's thErE 4 yOu..
anD hoW cAn wE 4gEt ouR veRy
supPoRtinG YounGeR youTher's.. haHa..
aLwaYs waitinG 2 ceLebRaTe anY1's suCceSs!

onCe agAin, wannA wiSh ya a veRy
HAPPY 17th BIRTHDAY! (belated)

Friday, January 29, 2010

At leaSt tRy 2 liSten 2 iT!

I do hoPe sOme oF you arE KorEan fanS
CauZ i suRe am!! if youR nOt..... juSt iGnoRe
thiS poSt thEn.. if you aRe..=).=).=).=).=).=)..
i had second thoughts bout this.. but just haD
2 do iT... i thought our blog neeDeD 2 be spicEd
uP abiT.. soOo deCideD 2 pUt in onE oF a
KorEan GurL grOup mV. hOpe you likE iT..
( on the sLigHt chanCe taT moSt oF you dOn't
wanT iT heRe.. i can takE it dOwn =) no woRriEs.. )

Girls Generation -Oh

iF youR a kOrEan fan than suRely you wOuld
alReaDy knoW thiS sOng.. bUt 4 thoSe oF you
whO haVen'T heaRd thiS sOnG.. YOU shOulD!!

Girls Generation - Gee

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Wad kind of fruit do you like?

Soo, youths, how are ya'll??
Hopefully havin a gr8 week!
have you been doing your
devotion and memory verse,?? =)
if you haven't, tick-tock tick-tock! haha

Alright moving on,
i wanna get you minds working/thinking
here, soo just read along yea.
soo, as you all know, we've been learning

bout the fruit of the spirit these few weeks.
which are.. .... ....
Love, Joy, Peace, Patient, Kindness, Goodness,
Gentlenss, Faithfulness
and self-control.....
soo which of these are u?

As for love, we've learnt bout Agape love.
Agape love = abundant love...
loving out of generosity, expecting nothing
in return...
Is this your demonstration of love?

And a follow up of our little survey last
sunday..., what makes you happy?
now, my question 2 you is,
Does it truly make you happy? Why?

Now, have you had your fair share of time
with God this week..? Have ya been faithfull
in giving this past week? or a simpler one,
have you encouraged someone this
past week?
If not. Why not?

Questions with a million answers
but it all comes down to 1.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Happy Burfday AMY!

SooOo... theRe's anOther burfday 2day! =D
Just wAna maKe a SHouT oUt 2........
oUr Sis AMY!! wisHinG ya a
Very Happy Birthday!

May, you suceed in all that you do,

Hope, you still keep strong faith in GOD,

Pray, that you will grow to be a wonderful
young women!

don't really see you in church much...
just 2 encourage ya 2 come more often yea!
i'm terribly sorry that we don't have a
birthday picture of you up on the blog!

But promise when you come, will take a pic
of you and post it. Kay?! =D

Thursday, January 14, 2010

TherE ya gO!

geTtinG reaDy 4 thE man 2 cOme oUt!

WOOT! thE mAn oF thE daY!

Oh joEl.. waS taT reaLLy neceSsaRy?? =)

thE onLy 2 guRls... arKwaRd!!

Da ganG!

A gEntLe rEminDeR 2 aLl : Pls remember 2 do your devotion and
memorize your memory verse!! =D
in case ya 4got, deVotiOn iS 1st Peter 3 : 8-22
( hoW iRoniC is thaT! i guEsS it's alL boUt peTer! haHa.. )
mEmOrY verSe iS PhiLipiAnS 4 : 6!
if ya gOt timE 2 bloG, u gOts timE 2 do uR devOtiOn!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Yo, boyz and gurls...!
soooo, yea toDay(weL soRta) iS oUr
bRother PeteR's 17 birthday! wOohOo!
very sorry 4 posting this l8 pPl!
50 minutes late, deserves a good excuse
don't you think? haha.. i was bcauz, we
was celebrating with the man himself!
Things You Should Know ABOUT
i) Active
ii) A man of GoD
iii) CarinG
iv) DiligEnt
v) EffeciEnt
vi) Fun to be aRound with
vii) LauGhs WAY 2 loud ( but we don't mind! )
viii) A there when you need him to be

KEEP YOUR MIND SET on your goal, and
go all out to get it..

But ALONG THE WAY don't forget who you
are and keep your friends and families close..

THROUGH OUT, always keep your spiritual
walk with God alive and as active as you
are in whatever you do!

Keep it up PeteR! You have a wonderful
Bright future in store for you!

btw, would post pictures but left the
camera @ his hse!! haih, clumsy, clumsy!
SORRY!! post it ASAP! =D

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Hi ya guys, sorry if u were hoping 4 a
good luck wish b4 school started!! Totaly
4got... soo just wanna say it now..
ALL those whO wEnt back 2 school
on Monday, hope you enjoyed it till'
2day.. if you didn't.. so what! haHa..
No worries guys, OH, n gurls s well..
if you think things hasn't been that gr8..
u've always got... weL..actually, u've
got anyone 2 talk 2...! n NVR 4get
your most trusted friend! the one
that helps you through it ALL!
i'm sure you know who i'm talking bout'...
if u dOn't.... U NEED 2 cOme 4 sunday
school more often!! haha.. and heard
that some of the 18 year old's will
be starting college shortly..
ALL thE beSt n DO youR besT yEa!!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Hey there people...
soo, last Sunday, a group of guys from
our lovely Y.Y, and some others
had a futsal tournament, and guess what!
u'll never guess! They WON!! haHa..
ok... soo, u guessed it! BIG WHOOP!!
here are some pics, well here and
there, of those that went
soRy, couldn't take much when they were playing...
they moved 2 quick! ( i guess thats y they won! )

the group photo

there was another team @ the back..
you'd didn't think the gurls would hav missed
out now did u..??
just a little x-tra info, sophia broke her shoes
during the competition.. ( 2 excited i guess )
Austin and Brandon

Sunday, January 3, 2010

YoUnGeR YouThs!!

The YounGer YouTh! (in 1 word ) =) :

AnGeLa : Ambitious
Austin : Athletic
AmY : Admirable
AdRian : Authentic
BranDon : BenEvolent
BrYan Yoon : Brainy
Bryan LeE : Biddable
ChaRmainE : Chic
ClemEnt : Capable
DarryL : Daring
EmiLy : EnergEtic
Faith : FashionabLe
JanE : Just
JaSon : Jocund
JasOn Lim : cOol
JefFeRy : Joyfulness
YenG Mao : JolLy
JonatHan : Jovial
Kah YenG : Keen
Li Yin : Loveable
PeteR : Passionate
PhoEbE : Patient
SoPhia : SpoRting
YeE San : YouThful
YeAn Lynn : Virtuous
Yi Lin : WiSdOm

DERIC : Determined / Dependable
MING CHING : Meek / Mild

(iF i 4got anyone, please let mE know yea!
bcauz everyone is special!)

Saturday, January 2, 2010

ResuRreCtiOn oF thE YoUnGer YouTh bloG!

hey there people!! =D
just when you think this blog is dead.... hmmm
NVR doubt the YOUNGER YOUTH!! haha
we, are terribly soRy for keeping you
readers waiting for far too long with just a
single post.
AnYway, would like to wish everyone a very
blessed new year. Today was our 1st Sunday
School for 2010... soo, now younger youth is
not only a much bigger class it's also a merrier
one! or is iT a noisier one..? haha.. hopEfully
a merry one! The special thing about this
year's Y.Y iS taT it now consist of
16's, 17's and 18's!
Pictures of this years Y.Y will published shortly...