Friday, February 12, 2010


yUkina, anGela's jaP guRl..

haVinG "ClaS"

dOn't woRry, iT nOt likE iT's maH jonG! juSt bEanS anD riCe! =)

aLl cOuldn't reSiSt! thaT's waD i loVe bOut guRls!

Hi ya'lL!! sOoooOo soRy.. bEen prEtty buSy
laTely.. hoW aRe you guYs...?? weL, oF cOurSe
i'm heRe 2 uPdaTe bOut ouR claS thE paSt weEk
GenTle rEmindeR : wE haVe no sUndaY skOol thiS
sUndaY, bUt dOn't 4geT 2 stiL
rEaD youR biBle anD pRaY! neXt
weEk we'Ll be haVinG sUmthinG
spEciaL.. nEw.. sOoo dO cOme ya!!

oK, sOoo laSt sUndaY, anGela bRouGht a jaPaneSe frienD
2 cLaSs.. goOd thinG iT waS inteRnatiOnaL weEk! haHa..
chEcK ouT the piCs wE tokE uP theRe!

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