Friday, February 12, 2010


DaniEl mOk a.k.a moKkieS

haHa.. hoPe thaT's noT hiS nuRsE!

I'm suRe eveRy1 knoW's whO
bRo. danieL mOk iS.. haHa.. iT's Sooo
weiRd 4 mE 2 caL him bRo. daniEl mOk
HaHa! oK.. juSt danieL..
4 thoSe oF you whO dOn't knoW him...
aRe you suRe youR frOm canaAn?? haHa..
jK.. He iS oUr teaCheR deRriC moK's bRo!
weL, wHaT's hE bEen uP 2? ntG muCh
eXcePt, hE juSt haD surgeRy dOne!
aLthouGh hE saYs iT nOt thaT seriOuS,
iT's stiL a veRy biG deaL..!

He iS alreaDy baCk hOmE, bUt neveRthEleSs..
PLEASE dO keEp him in pRaYeR...!
4 thoSe wHo viSiteD him, thanK yOu!
evEn in paIn... hE cOuld takE piCtuReS!! haHa..

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