Friday, June 4, 2010

Our Dear sister Angela birthday

Hi peeps,

We are here to wish aNgeLa a blessed birthday

Is a belated one actually

on the 2 June 2010.. sorry for that angela

May our Good God bless her as she enters the age of 16. =)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Yo sHaWTy iT's YoUr BiRtHdAY !

" LiKE Oh mY GoSHhhh, I wAS LikE oVeR tHeRe buT NoT ReaLLy ThERE ?!"

So whose birthday is it ? Still don't know ? Let me help you guys

She's "BIMBOTIC". She has her own Microsoft font called "AngEliciOusnEsS". She has a Nemesis by the name of Austin Hii, (who is by the way also her brother) and She really LOVES to TALK a lot, no I'm not kidding she really really TALKS ALOT.

But beneath the "ohmygoshhhhxoxo" exterior,this girl is a really FINE friend & a God-fearing woman, who is ready to lend a helping hand whenever you are in trouble..

So, Angela Hii I wish u a very happy 16th Birthday !!  :) Hope you had a good one..

XOXO You know You Love Me...