Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Keep Your Friends Close, Keep Your Enemies Closer

          RANDOM QUOTES!                      

Hey all you youths',
as a human being, we all have someone we don't
particularly like. It may not necessarily be an
enemy, but in someways they hapPen to get on
our bad side.
I would agree that it is much easier to despise
and disregard them as a friend, because well,
'if you don't like someone, you would obviously
not want to have anything to do with them.'
But is that really what we should do?

There are so very many ways to create an enemy,
ways such as jealousy, aggravating attitudes,
dissaproving manner, vulgarity, competitiveness,
and so on so forth.
It's a shame you see,
when there's something about someone we cannot
stand, that's when we lose a potential friend.

But, there's nothing gained from hatred. and being
able to love your enemy doesn't come overnight.
We shouldn't just love them cause it's the right
thing to do, we should love them genuinely as Christians.
Learn to be the bigger person.
and try to do this with compassion,
understand the other persons point of view.

God COMMANDS us to love,
our HIGHIEST calling is to spread the love
of God, and teach others to grow in him,
how can we do so, if we ourselves do not practice love.

And if the tables are turned, and if YOU are someone
elses enemy today,
try to determine what part you play to contribute to this
feud, and end it.
Forgive them, and pray for them.
It is always better to have friends than enemies.

Do not repay anyone evil for evil. Be careful to
do what is right in the eyes of everybody.
If it is possible, as far as it depends on you,
live at peace with everyone. Do not take revenge,
my friends, but leave room for God's wrath, for it
is written: "It is mine to avenge; I will repay,
" says the Lord. On the contrary: "If your enemy is
hungry, feed him; if he is thirsty, give him something
to drink. In doing this, you will heap burning coals on
his head." Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome
evil with good (Romans 12:17-21).

Anyone who claims to be in the light but hates his
brother is still in the darkness. Whoever loves his
brother lives in the light, and there is nothing in
him to make him stumble (1 John 2:9-10).

As for those who haven't been around lately,
We keep you in our prayers, and hope that ya'll continue
your walk with God, and we pray that we will see you soon.

Friday, July 30, 2010

PAR-TAY anD catCh uP seSsion.


AgenDa : in oRder foR ALL YounGer Youth's to catCh uP!
Date    : 1 AuguSt 2010
Time   : After ChurCh, 1pm - 4am
Venue : PeteR anD JefFery's hOuse, Sa-laK-sau.
Fees   : RM5
Food  : we wiLl bE haVinG pizZa.

R.S.V.P by (actuaLly yeSteRday), but As sOon aS poSsiBle guyS!

DreSs cOde : CaSual / chuRch weaR.

BrinG youRseLf~!! and HavE FUN~!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Our Dear sister Angela birthday

Hi peeps,

We are here to wish aNgeLa a blessed birthday

Is a belated one actually

on the 2 June 2010.. sorry for that angela

May our Good God bless her as she enters the age of 16. =)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Yo sHaWTy iT's YoUr BiRtHdAY !

" LiKE Oh mY GoSHhhh, I wAS LikE oVeR tHeRe buT NoT ReaLLy ThERE ?!"

So whose birthday is it ? Still don't know ? Let me help you guys

She's "BIMBOTIC". She has her own Microsoft font called "AngEliciOusnEsS". She has a Nemesis by the name of Austin Hii, (who is by the way also her brother) and She really LOVES to TALK a lot, no I'm not kidding she really really TALKS ALOT.

But beneath the "ohmygoshhhhxoxo" exterior,this girl is a really FINE friend & a God-fearing woman, who is ready to lend a helping hand whenever you are in trouble..

So, Angela Hii I wish u a very happy 16th Birthday !!  :) Hope you had a good one..

XOXO You know You Love Me...

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


ExplanatiOn foR no updateS :
FunnY stoRy......... Kinda foRgot thE Login I.D.... hEh*

In anY caSe.. weLl we're back with yet,
another Birthday!! 
But there's a difference, thiS BirthDay iS SPECIAL!!
it's Big!.............................
it's HuGe!.........................
iT's........... thE Birthday OF!
ahaHa.. totaLly!

anYwaYz, it waS bRandon's Birthday on thE 25th May!
iF ya'll haven't wish him.. don't! JKJKJK!
try to give him a ring..
or call, anything... oR FaceBook him.. i know ya'll can
do that.. =)

Although Brandon has left Younger Youth for the
Teacher's Training class, He is stiLl a
YounGer yOuth-er, indirectly.
So, reGardless, he's still one of us!! sOoo WISH AWAY!

To Brandon :
CongRats on tuRning 18!
Hope you had a fruitful life for the past 18 years!
Pray that you'll do well in college.
Keep up your strong Faith.
Wishing you a Blessed Belated Birthday!

Wouldn't know much bout college life. Just seems really FUN. 
However, we knOw it can be really stressful with your exams coming up and all.
Just CHILL and do your best!
will keep you in our PraYers!

Hope you'll enjoy your time in the Teacher's Training class
But, pLeAz DON'T foRget US!
Oh, yea DRIVE SAFE!!
 P.S : anY1 needs a driver? we've got Peter, Brandon and Li Yin!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

DeEpeSt CondOlenCeS!

SoOo, in caSe yOu don't knOw, ouR teaCheR, DeRic moK
anD ouR bRo DanieL moK's, gRanDmotheR paSseD
aWay laSt wEek anD thE funEraL waS cOnduCteD on
mOndaY nigHt.
PeteR, Li Yin anD AnGeLa fRom thE yOunGer youTh
weRe theRe foR moRal sUppoRt, anD hOpefuLly thE otheR's
sEnd theiR rEgaRds via teXt, caLl oR
faCebOok, i gueSs. =)

On behaLf oF YounGeR yOuth, :
We woUld likE to eXtenD ouR deEpeSt cOndoLencEs to
Bro. DeriC anD DanieL mOk foR thEir loSt.
: PraYinG, thaT thiS inciDenT wiLl sOmehOw, heLp ya'Ll
geT cloSeR witH youR waLk wiTh God. 
wiLl bE keEpinG you in ouR pRayErs! =) 

ThiS iS aLsO, a stRonG rEminDeR tO eveRyonE aBout
thE timE fRamE of ouR livEs! you neveR knOw whEn wiL
bE yOur laSt day befoRe yOu aRe caLled baCk hOme to
bE wiTh ouR FatheR.
ouR minD : ouR minD keEps teLlinG uS thaT wE
                    aRe stiLl yOunG thaT wE sTilL haVe
                    timE tO spaRe. But, thEn aGain, wE'd 
                    nEveR knOw. 

Soo, haVe yOu dOne yOur paRt heRe on eaRth?
yOur paRt aS ChriST amBaSsaDors.
yOur paRt aS the bOdy of ChriSt.
yOur paRt aS hiS chiLdRen...
If He aSkeD yOu, whaT have yOu donE foR Me?
whaT wOuld youR reSponD bE?

iF yOu've fOund lovE anD
haPpineSs in thE LoRd. thEn yoU aRe tRuly haPpy anD
thiS lovE cannOt, shOuld nOt, bE cOntainEd wiThin
You anD otheR bElieveRs anD foLloweRs oF ChriSt.
inSteaD, paSs aRounD thiS undYinG lovE anD tRue
haPpineSs to thoSe whoSe loSt theiR waY oR haVe yEt to
knOw thiS LoRd wE pRaiSe anD GloriFy.

Now gO, spReaD thE loVe anD haPpineSs peOple.
cLocK's tiCkinG!! =)

Gentle-men..................... and woman!

LaDieS anD gEntLemEn :

'GentLeneSs" iS an inTeReStinG fRuiT oF thE sPiRit.
Just likE thE othEr spiRituaL fRuitS, 
gEntLenSs iS an aSpeCt oF God's chaRaCteR
whiCh God's foLloweRs takE on aS theY foLlow ChriSt. 
BeinG gEntle mEanS thaT yoU refuSe to uSe poweR foR anY
haRmfuL aCts. iT iS an unWiLlinGneSs to cuT anD slaSh aT peOple,
spiTe or conTroL.

GentLeneSs iS a deSire thaT nO haRm bE dOne.
TheRe aRe waYs to bE boLd, nOn-viOlent waYs yo
stanD uP foR whaT is riGht,
anD nOn-maniPulaTive waYs to leaD anD convinCe

iT iS juSt nOt ouR hUman naTuRe to bE gEntle. aGreE?
iT iS beyOnd ouR 'soCiety's inFluenCe'.
We aRe simply nOt gEntle cReatuRes.

DeSpite thE teRm 'gEntlemAn'.
MaleS simPly aRen't gEntle theSe daYs.
nOt aLl. Most.
  MaleS aRe quiCker iF thE fiSts anD haRsh woRds.
wOmen on thE otheR hanD aRe, haVe hiStoricaLly beEn more gEntle,
but thaT's a rElatiVe matteR, thEy havE theiR oWn waYs oF bEinG
viciOus anD deStRuctivE. nOt to mEntiOn maniPulaTivE.

TodaY's woRld givEs rEwaRd to hoStiLity anD gOinG to an eXtReme.
iF wE aRe to beaR thE fRuit oF gEntleneSs, wE neEd thE 
SpiRit to giVe uS thE aBliTy to bE genTle wHen iT's
haRdeSt to bE thaT waY. 

GentlenEsS iS whEn yoU caRe enOuGh to cHoOse
nOt tO bE haRsH, raSh, angRy oR rouGh.

GentLeneSs is wHen yOu knOw tHe beSt waY to hoLd an eGg.
A gEntle peRsOn knOws beTteR than to haRm otheRs,
anD so chOoseS tO aCt in a waY thaT doeS nOt.

A gEntLe reSponSe tenDs to cReatE fewEr enemiEs, anD moRe fRienDs.

Do yOu rEaLiZe iT takEs leSs timE to smiLe than iT doeS to
spEaK an enTiRe linE of woRds? 

TrY StanDinG in fRonT oF yoUr miRroR foR a mOmEnt.
SmiLe aT youRseLf foR thReE seConDs.
Then, fRown whiLe you'Re saYinG, "can'T yOu bE anY faSteR?",
anD aT thE samE timE, taP youR foOt.
How lonG diD tHat taKe?

How diD you feEl aFteR eaCh aCtiOn?
WaS theRe onE thaT maDe you eitheR feeL siLly oR
maD you laUgh aT youRseLf?
WaS thErE one thaT madE yOu feEl aGitaTed anD gRumPy?
Did eithEr onE takE veRy lonG? diD eitHer aCtiOn
chanGe thE speEd of thE cloCk?

Now, let's saY thaT yOu haVe pOor motOr skiLls anD iT
takEs yOu a feW seConDs to dO somEthinG thaT takEs manY peOple onE secOnd.
SomEonE iS bEinG imPatienT wiTh yOu.
FirSt, loOk in thE miRroR anD yEll sOmethinG baCk aT thEm in
anGeR and fUstRatiOn.
Next, smiLe anD saY "heLlo theRe" oR "goOd daY".
diD eitheR chanGe hOw lonG iT toOk yOu to
acCompliSh thE taSk?

So…, wHat wiLl yOu chOosE to dO neXt timE yOu aRe
shOppinG, aRe in a paRkinG lot, aRe simPly dRivinG to woRk?
wilL yoU raCe aCroSs tHe paRkinG lot anD bE fuStrateD,
wiTh a sloW pedEstRian oR somEonE baCkinG oUt oF a paRkinG spaCe?
WilL you bE so impaTienT aT a stOre thaT yOu
gRowl aT peOple foR bEinG in yOur waY foR moRe thaT twO seCondS?
WiL yOu yEll baCk aT thoSe imPatienT wiTh yOu?
Will yoU riSk saFety to paSs a sloW dRiveR oR bEat a peDestRian
cRossinG thE roaD?

Or.......... wiLl yoU choOse to bE gEntle witH otheRs anD youRseLf? 

For juSt onE daY tRy an eXpeRimEnt.
FoR onE daY pRomiSe youRseLf yOu wiL bE gEntle.
You wiLl bE gEntle witH otheRs anD youRseLf.
yoU wilL smiLe inSteaD of baRk.

You wiLl bReatHe deEply oR sinG a sonG whEn
yOu feeL thE anXiety cOminG oveR
you of thE timE faCtoR cloSinG in on youR BeinG.
You will smiLe at thE peRson whO iS impaTienT.
How dO yoU wanT to feEl aT thE enD oF youR daYs?
iF yoU wanT gEntle, peaCefuL evEninGs, thEn livE gEntleR, peaCefuL daYs.
iF yOu wAnt hEctiC, eXhauStinG evEninGs, thEn bE anGry anD
fuStRated aLl daY.

TimE wiLl gO on anD it dOesn't maTter wHat yOu chOose to do.
NeitheR onE wiL makEtimE go anY sloWeR or any quiCkeR,
Sooo, leT makE thE timE thaT goEs bY woRthwhiLe, bY
bEinG gentLe thRough Out thE daYs.