Friday, July 30, 2010

PAR-TAY anD catCh uP seSsion.


AgenDa : in oRder foR ALL YounGer Youth's to catCh uP!
Date    : 1 AuguSt 2010
Time   : After ChurCh, 1pm - 4am
Venue : PeteR anD JefFery's hOuse, Sa-laK-sau.
Fees   : RM5
Food  : we wiLl bE haVinG pizZa.

R.S.V.P by (actuaLly yeSteRday), but As sOon aS poSsiBle guyS!

DreSs cOde : CaSual / chuRch weaR.

BrinG youRseLf~!! and HavE FUN~!

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