Wednesday, April 21, 2010

DeEpeSt CondOlenCeS!

SoOo, in caSe yOu don't knOw, ouR teaCheR, DeRic moK
anD ouR bRo DanieL moK's, gRanDmotheR paSseD
aWay laSt wEek anD thE funEraL waS cOnduCteD on
mOndaY nigHt.
PeteR, Li Yin anD AnGeLa fRom thE yOunGer youTh
weRe theRe foR moRal sUppoRt, anD hOpefuLly thE otheR's
sEnd theiR rEgaRds via teXt, caLl oR
faCebOok, i gueSs. =)

On behaLf oF YounGeR yOuth, :
We woUld likE to eXtenD ouR deEpeSt cOndoLencEs to
Bro. DeriC anD DanieL mOk foR thEir loSt.
: PraYinG, thaT thiS inciDenT wiLl sOmehOw, heLp ya'Ll
geT cloSeR witH youR waLk wiTh God. 
wiLl bE keEpinG you in ouR pRayErs! =) 

ThiS iS aLsO, a stRonG rEminDeR tO eveRyonE aBout
thE timE fRamE of ouR livEs! you neveR knOw whEn wiL
bE yOur laSt day befoRe yOu aRe caLled baCk hOme to
bE wiTh ouR FatheR.
ouR minD : ouR minD keEps teLlinG uS thaT wE
                    aRe stiLl yOunG thaT wE sTilL haVe
                    timE tO spaRe. But, thEn aGain, wE'd 
                    nEveR knOw. 

Soo, haVe yOu dOne yOur paRt heRe on eaRth?
yOur paRt aS ChriST amBaSsaDors.
yOur paRt aS the bOdy of ChriSt.
yOur paRt aS hiS chiLdRen...
If He aSkeD yOu, whaT have yOu donE foR Me?
whaT wOuld youR reSponD bE?

iF yOu've fOund lovE anD
haPpineSs in thE LoRd. thEn yoU aRe tRuly haPpy anD
thiS lovE cannOt, shOuld nOt, bE cOntainEd wiThin
You anD otheR bElieveRs anD foLloweRs oF ChriSt.
inSteaD, paSs aRounD thiS undYinG lovE anD tRue
haPpineSs to thoSe whoSe loSt theiR waY oR haVe yEt to
knOw thiS LoRd wE pRaiSe anD GloriFy.

Now gO, spReaD thE loVe anD haPpineSs peOple.
cLocK's tiCkinG!! =)

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