Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Part of the Fruit!

HaS a fRienD eveR hUrt yOu whO wanTed 2 plaY?
And you cOuldn't waiT foR thaT rEd leTteR-daY,
sHe saiD shE'd cOme oVeR-rain, sleEt oR snOw,
But whEn thE timE cAme, shE diDn't shOw,

GoD saYs thaT yOu aRe to bE faiThfuL anD tRue,
ThaT pEopLe shOuld knOw thEy can cOunT uPon yOu,
Let yOur yEs bE yeS anD yoUr nO bE no,
If yOu saY yOu'll bE theRe, bE suRe thaT yOu gO.

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