Saturday, April 3, 2010

GooD FridaY / SatuRdaY!

HeY peEps, sOooo sowiE, i diDn't
poSt thiS uP yEsteRdaY! =)

anYwaYzz.. gOod fRidaY waS yEsteRdaY
anD i'm sHeR, ya'Ll knOw waD thaT is riGht??
NO? seRiouSly? okiE, i'll eLaBoraTe.

GooD FridaY. iT iS a daY thaT whiCh manY mAny yEaRs
aGo, thiS veRy speCiaL peRsOn/fRienD/GoD/ kinG oF ouRs,
diEd in ouR plaCe.

ChriSt camE to eaRth anD DIED IN OUR PLACE! hiS deaTh
waS an inFiniTe paYmEnt foR ouR sinS.
ChriSt diEd to paY thE pEnaLty foR ouR sinS. He
paiD thE pRicE sO thaT wE wOuld nOt haVe to.
AnD chRisT's reSurReCtiOn ( eaSteR ) fRom tHe dEad pRovEd tHat
His deaTh waS suFficienT to pAy thE penaLty foR oUr sinS.
ArE yoU truStinG in JeSuS aS yoUr SaVioUr?

ManY pEopLe acKnowLedGe JeSus ChriSt aS a gOod man,
a gReaT teaCheR, oR evEn a pRophEt oF God.
TheSe deFinaTely aRe tRue oF Him, bUt JesuS camE tO
eaRtH to teaCh uS, heaL uS, cOrreCt uS, foRgivE uS and moSt
impOrtanTly diE foR uS! Jesus ChriSt is GoD, the CreaTor,
thE sovEreiGn LoRd.
HavE yoU acCepteD thiS JesuS?

Why do wE neEd a SaviouR? The Bible telLs uS tHat wE
havE aLl sinnEd, wE havE aLl cOmmitTed eviL aCts.
( RomanS 3 : 10 : As it iS writtEn :
"TheRe iS no onE righTeouS, noT evEn onE; )
As a reSult oF ouR sin, wE desErvE God's anGeR anD
juDgemEnt. The onLy juSt puniShmEnt foR sinS cOmmiTteD
againSt an infiniTe anD eteRnaL gOd iS an inFiniTe puSnishmEnt.
( RomanS 6 : 23 : For thE waGeS of sin iS deaTh,
bUt thE giFt oF God iS eteRnaL liF in ChriSt jeSus ouR LoRd )
ThiS iS whY wE neEd a SaviouR!

ChriSt waS pUt on thiS eaRth foR onE puRpoSe,
anD thaT is 2 suFfeR whaT wE sHoulD bE suFfeRinG!
So, neveR taKe whaT JeSuS haS dOne
foR uS foR gRanTeD, foR hE kePt hiS faiTh anD cOmpassiOn
to thoSe whO puT him thROuGh suCh aGonY!
Now, i aSk can wE dO thE samE??

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