Friday, February 12, 2010

JASON LIM ofFiciaLly tuRnS 16

SmiLe!! =D=D=D=D=D

J - juSt
A - AthLetiC
S - SecUrE
O - OriGinaL
N - noiSy!

haHa.. beinG HoneSt! oK ok..
2daY iS ouR bRo. JaSon Lim's
16th birThday!!! YAY!!
maKe suRe ya'Ll wiSh him ya!!

JasOn :
aLl thE beSt in aLl ya Do!
dOn't geT stReSseD oUt
abOuT anYthinG ya! iF you dO
yoU can taLk 2 anY1 kaYzz! hopE yoU
keEp uP youR faiTh in God anD keEp youR
fRienDs cloSe! (an enemiEs cloSeR!)
kiDdinG... =D

On behaLf oF eveRy1 :
HAPPY 16th BIRTHDAY JASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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