Thursday, February 4, 2010

HapPy buRfdaY JANE!!

Soo, janE.. gOt anY caLls laTely??
OF COZ! hoPe ya'Ll rEmembeReD oUr
siSteR janE's biRthdaY.. weL.. BelaTeD
birThdaY noW.. sOoo, diD ya wiSh heR?
DID YA! haHa.. iF yoU haVen't................
SugGeStion : DO IT NOW!! ( unLeSs yoUr
rEadinG thiS whEn shE's in skOol, in thaT
caSe..... dO iT laTeR! ) =)=)

To janE :
WannA wiSh ya a veRy haPpy beLatEd

HopE thaT yoU keEp gRowinG
phYsicaLly, mEntaLly anD spiRituaLly..

liVe youR liFe to thE fuLleSt.. dO eveRythinG
wiTh aLl youR heaRt and whaTeveR pleaSes
thE loRd.. liFe moVeS bY in a flaSh bUt
alonG thE waY iF yoU eveR looSe youR steP..
i'm suRe ya knOw whO's thErE 4 yOu..
anD hoW cAn wE 4gEt ouR veRy
supPoRtinG YounGeR youTher's.. haHa..
aLwaYs waitinG 2 ceLebRaTe anY1's suCceSs!

onCe agAin, wannA wiSh ya a veRy
HAPPY 17th BIRTHDAY! (belated)

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