Friday, January 29, 2010

At leaSt tRy 2 liSten 2 iT!

I do hoPe sOme oF you arE KorEan fanS
CauZ i suRe am!! if youR nOt..... juSt iGnoRe
thiS poSt thEn.. if you aRe..=).=).=).=).=).=)..
i had second thoughts bout this.. but just haD
2 do iT... i thought our blog neeDeD 2 be spicEd
uP abiT.. soOo deCideD 2 pUt in onE oF a
KorEan GurL grOup mV. hOpe you likE iT..
( on the sLigHt chanCe taT moSt oF you dOn't
wanT iT heRe.. i can takE it dOwn =) no woRriEs.. )

Girls Generation -Oh

iF youR a kOrEan fan than suRely you wOuld
alReaDy knoW thiS sOng.. bUt 4 thoSe oF you
whO haVen'T heaRd thiS sOnG.. YOU shOulD!!

Girls Generation - Gee

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