Thursday, January 28, 2010

Wad kind of fruit do you like?

Soo, youths, how are ya'll??
Hopefully havin a gr8 week!
have you been doing your
devotion and memory verse,?? =)
if you haven't, tick-tock tick-tock! haha

Alright moving on,
i wanna get you minds working/thinking
here, soo just read along yea.
soo, as you all know, we've been learning

bout the fruit of the spirit these few weeks.
which are.. .... ....
Love, Joy, Peace, Patient, Kindness, Goodness,
Gentlenss, Faithfulness
and self-control.....
soo which of these are u?

As for love, we've learnt bout Agape love.
Agape love = abundant love...
loving out of generosity, expecting nothing
in return...
Is this your demonstration of love?

And a follow up of our little survey last
sunday..., what makes you happy?
now, my question 2 you is,
Does it truly make you happy? Why?

Now, have you had your fair share of time
with God this week..? Have ya been faithfull
in giving this past week? or a simpler one,
have you encouraged someone this
past week?
If not. Why not?

Questions with a million answers
but it all comes down to 1.

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