Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Yo, boyz and gurls...!
soooo, yea toDay(weL soRta) iS oUr
bRother PeteR's 17 birthday! wOohOo!
very sorry 4 posting this l8 pPl!
50 minutes late, deserves a good excuse
don't you think? haha.. i was bcauz, we
was celebrating with the man himself!
Things You Should Know ABOUT
i) Active
ii) A man of GoD
iii) CarinG
iv) DiligEnt
v) EffeciEnt
vi) Fun to be aRound with
vii) LauGhs WAY 2 loud ( but we don't mind! )
viii) A there when you need him to be

KEEP YOUR MIND SET on your goal, and
go all out to get it..

But ALONG THE WAY don't forget who you
are and keep your friends and families close..

THROUGH OUT, always keep your spiritual
walk with God alive and as active as you
are in whatever you do!

Keep it up PeteR! You have a wonderful
Bright future in store for you!

btw, would post pictures but left the
camera @ his hse!! haih, clumsy, clumsy!
SORRY!! post it ASAP! =D

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