Thursday, January 14, 2010

TherE ya gO!

geTtinG reaDy 4 thE man 2 cOme oUt!

WOOT! thE mAn oF thE daY!

Oh joEl.. waS taT reaLLy neceSsaRy?? =)

thE onLy 2 guRls... arKwaRd!!

Da ganG!

A gEntLe rEminDeR 2 aLl : Pls remember 2 do your devotion and
memorize your memory verse!! =D
in case ya 4got, deVotiOn iS 1st Peter 3 : 8-22
( hoW iRoniC is thaT! i guEsS it's alL boUt peTer! haHa.. )
mEmOrY verSe iS PhiLipiAnS 4 : 6!
if ya gOt timE 2 bloG, u gOts timE 2 do uR devOtiOn!!

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