Thursday, March 11, 2010

DeepEr and fuRtheR!

HEY ya'll,
Hope your having an gr8
week! haVe yOu bEen "GOOD"?
haHa.. soRy, "insiDe joKe".. =D

So, a shOuT ouT to ouR
awEsOme 18th yEaR oLds in claS!
LonG daY huH? haPpy?
saD? eCstaTiC? dEpReSseD?

sOoo i'm sure, everyone's got the memo
the results came out 2day!
i'm suRe @ 1st thEre waS nerVouSneSs
@ 1st.. bUt i,
Hope ya'll aRe satisfied with @ thE enD

iF nOt, than, wEl, iT's just hiGh school!
easy 2 say impossible to agree with,
i would know..

to the 16th year olds..
going through x-am's right now?
Right there with you people!

So, guys get ready for another chapter in
your life called "college"! unless those of
you whose already started! ALL the BEST!

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