Saturday, February 20, 2010


Yo pEeps,.....!!
i'm very suRe aLl ouR aweSomE
yOunGeR youTh's aRe havinG theiR
claSs breakfaSt now...!! =D

but theRe aLwayS next time rigHt!

aitEzz, eaT uP people!! Hav fUn.. =)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010



SoRy.. CloSeSt i gOt 2 a (Lo sHanG) piC! =)

HEY ya'lL.. hoPe ya haD aS gReaT foOd aS i diD 4
ReuniOun dinneRs/lunCh!! haHa..
iF thErE anY ChinESe nEw yEaR piCtuReS
ya'lL wanT 2 uPloaD.. gO ahEaD
oR sEnd iT 2 mE.. anD i'Ll dO iT!

oK.. i'm soOoo saD.. =( won't
be joininG ya'lL foR bReaKfaSt thiS sUndaY.. bUt
i knOw iT's gOnna bE
AwEsOmE pOssUm! haha..
sOoo pWeaSe COME!

juSt 2 leT thoSe whO diDn't cOme laSt weEk knoW,
thiS SunDay cLaS iS GonnA bE "inTeReStinG"
juSt bE suRe 2 bRInG bReaKfaSt ya!

PrEfaBleLy, Don't bRinG anYthinG wiTh SoUp..
bRinG sUmthinG cOnvIeniEnT
SuCh aS : naSi lEmaK, piZza, mEEhOon
OoooOoh!! sOo hunGrY riTe nOw!! haHa..

GonnA uPdaTe A.S.A.P!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

i L-O-V-E yoU on ChinEsE nEw yEaR!! haHa

haHa... iT's chinEsE nEw yEar, i knoW evEry1
iS wiTh famiLy RigHt noW, aCtuAlly sOo am i..
bUt i'm oBliGeD 2 wiSh ya'lL anYwaY! haHa...
aiTeZz... i gOtta gO viSiT a feW reLatiVes noW!!
dOn't 4geT boUt spReaDinG thE LOVE aS weL..
aFteR aLl iT's vaLenTinE's day!! <3!=d

LOL-inG witH famiLy!

If you aRe reaDinG thiS poSt rigHt
afTer i poSt iT... i juSt 1 2 saY!!
gO awAy! youR suPpoSe 2 bE havinG
dinneR wiTh youR fam. haHa..

i'm goinG 4 dinnEr noW 2! haHa
byEzZ.. haV fUn.. yUuuUmm!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

JASON LIM ofFiciaLly tuRnS 16

SmiLe!! =D=D=D=D=D

J - juSt
A - AthLetiC
S - SecUrE
O - OriGinaL
N - noiSy!

haHa.. beinG HoneSt! oK ok..
2daY iS ouR bRo. JaSon Lim's
16th birThday!!! YAY!!
maKe suRe ya'Ll wiSh him ya!!

JasOn :
aLl thE beSt in aLl ya Do!
dOn't geT stReSseD oUt
abOuT anYthinG ya! iF you dO
yoU can taLk 2 anY1 kaYzz! hopE yoU
keEp uP youR faiTh in God anD keEp youR
fRienDs cloSe! (an enemiEs cloSeR!)
kiDdinG... =D

On behaLf oF eveRy1 :
HAPPY 16th BIRTHDAY JASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


DaniEl mOk a.k.a moKkieS

haHa.. hoPe thaT's noT hiS nuRsE!

I'm suRe eveRy1 knoW's whO
bRo. danieL mOk iS.. haHa.. iT's Sooo
weiRd 4 mE 2 caL him bRo. daniEl mOk
HaHa! oK.. juSt danieL..
4 thoSe oF you whO dOn't knoW him...
aRe you suRe youR frOm canaAn?? haHa..
jK.. He iS oUr teaCheR deRriC moK's bRo!
weL, wHaT's hE bEen uP 2? ntG muCh
eXcePt, hE juSt haD surgeRy dOne!
aLthouGh hE saYs iT nOt thaT seriOuS,
iT's stiL a veRy biG deaL..!

He iS alreaDy baCk hOmE, bUt neveRthEleSs..
PLEASE dO keEp him in pRaYeR...!
4 thoSe wHo viSiteD him, thanK yOu!
evEn in paIn... hE cOuld takE piCtuReS!! haHa..


yUkina, anGela's jaP guRl..

haVinG "ClaS"

dOn't woRry, iT nOt likE iT's maH jonG! juSt bEanS anD riCe! =)

aLl cOuldn't reSiSt! thaT's waD i loVe bOut guRls!

Hi ya'lL!! sOoooOo soRy.. bEen prEtty buSy
laTely.. hoW aRe you guYs...?? weL, oF cOurSe
i'm heRe 2 uPdaTe bOut ouR claS thE paSt weEk
GenTle rEmindeR : wE haVe no sUndaY skOol thiS
sUndaY, bUt dOn't 4geT 2 stiL
rEaD youR biBle anD pRaY! neXt
weEk we'Ll be haVinG sUmthinG
spEciaL.. nEw.. sOoo dO cOme ya!!

oK, sOoo laSt sUndaY, anGela bRouGht a jaPaneSe frienD
2 cLaSs.. goOd thinG iT waS inteRnatiOnaL weEk! haHa..
chEcK ouT the piCs wE tokE uP theRe!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

HapPy buRfdaY JANE!!

Soo, janE.. gOt anY caLls laTely??
OF COZ! hoPe ya'Ll rEmembeReD oUr
siSteR janE's biRthdaY.. weL.. BelaTeD
birThdaY noW.. sOoo, diD ya wiSh heR?
DID YA! haHa.. iF yoU haVen't................
SugGeStion : DO IT NOW!! ( unLeSs yoUr
rEadinG thiS whEn shE's in skOol, in thaT
caSe..... dO iT laTeR! ) =)=)

To janE :
WannA wiSh ya a veRy haPpy beLatEd

HopE thaT yoU keEp gRowinG
phYsicaLly, mEntaLly anD spiRituaLly..

liVe youR liFe to thE fuLleSt.. dO eveRythinG
wiTh aLl youR heaRt and whaTeveR pleaSes
thE loRd.. liFe moVeS bY in a flaSh bUt
alonG thE waY iF yoU eveR looSe youR steP..
i'm suRe ya knOw whO's thErE 4 yOu..
anD hoW cAn wE 4gEt ouR veRy
supPoRtinG YounGeR youTher's.. haHa..
aLwaYs waitinG 2 ceLebRaTe anY1's suCceSs!

onCe agAin, wannA wiSh ya a veRy
HAPPY 17th BIRTHDAY! (belated)