Friday, January 29, 2010

At leaSt tRy 2 liSten 2 iT!

I do hoPe sOme oF you arE KorEan fanS
CauZ i suRe am!! if youR nOt..... juSt iGnoRe
thiS poSt thEn.. if you aRe..=).=).=).=).=).=)..
i had second thoughts bout this.. but just haD
2 do iT... i thought our blog neeDeD 2 be spicEd
uP abiT.. soOo deCideD 2 pUt in onE oF a
KorEan GurL grOup mV. hOpe you likE iT..
( on the sLigHt chanCe taT moSt oF you dOn't
wanT iT heRe.. i can takE it dOwn =) no woRriEs.. )

Girls Generation -Oh

iF youR a kOrEan fan than suRely you wOuld
alReaDy knoW thiS sOng.. bUt 4 thoSe oF you
whO haVen'T heaRd thiS sOnG.. YOU shOulD!!

Girls Generation - Gee

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Wad kind of fruit do you like?

Soo, youths, how are ya'll??
Hopefully havin a gr8 week!
have you been doing your
devotion and memory verse,?? =)
if you haven't, tick-tock tick-tock! haha

Alright moving on,
i wanna get you minds working/thinking
here, soo just read along yea.
soo, as you all know, we've been learning

bout the fruit of the spirit these few weeks.
which are.. .... ....
Love, Joy, Peace, Patient, Kindness, Goodness,
Gentlenss, Faithfulness
and self-control.....
soo which of these are u?

As for love, we've learnt bout Agape love.
Agape love = abundant love...
loving out of generosity, expecting nothing
in return...
Is this your demonstration of love?

And a follow up of our little survey last
sunday..., what makes you happy?
now, my question 2 you is,
Does it truly make you happy? Why?

Now, have you had your fair share of time
with God this week..? Have ya been faithfull
in giving this past week? or a simpler one,
have you encouraged someone this
past week?
If not. Why not?

Questions with a million answers
but it all comes down to 1.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Happy Burfday AMY!

SooOo... theRe's anOther burfday 2day! =D
Just wAna maKe a SHouT oUt 2........
oUr Sis AMY!! wisHinG ya a
Very Happy Birthday!

May, you suceed in all that you do,

Hope, you still keep strong faith in GOD,

Pray, that you will grow to be a wonderful
young women!

don't really see you in church much...
just 2 encourage ya 2 come more often yea!
i'm terribly sorry that we don't have a
birthday picture of you up on the blog!

But promise when you come, will take a pic
of you and post it. Kay?! =D

Thursday, January 14, 2010

TherE ya gO!

geTtinG reaDy 4 thE man 2 cOme oUt!

WOOT! thE mAn oF thE daY!

Oh joEl.. waS taT reaLLy neceSsaRy?? =)

thE onLy 2 guRls... arKwaRd!!

Da ganG!

A gEntLe rEminDeR 2 aLl : Pls remember 2 do your devotion and
memorize your memory verse!! =D
in case ya 4got, deVotiOn iS 1st Peter 3 : 8-22
( hoW iRoniC is thaT! i guEsS it's alL boUt peTer! haHa.. )
mEmOrY verSe iS PhiLipiAnS 4 : 6!
if ya gOt timE 2 bloG, u gOts timE 2 do uR devOtiOn!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Yo, boyz and gurls...!
soooo, yea toDay(weL soRta) iS oUr
bRother PeteR's 17 birthday! wOohOo!
very sorry 4 posting this l8 pPl!
50 minutes late, deserves a good excuse
don't you think? haha.. i was bcauz, we
was celebrating with the man himself!
Things You Should Know ABOUT
i) Active
ii) A man of GoD
iii) CarinG
iv) DiligEnt
v) EffeciEnt
vi) Fun to be aRound with
vii) LauGhs WAY 2 loud ( but we don't mind! )
viii) A there when you need him to be

KEEP YOUR MIND SET on your goal, and
go all out to get it..

But ALONG THE WAY don't forget who you
are and keep your friends and families close..

THROUGH OUT, always keep your spiritual
walk with God alive and as active as you
are in whatever you do!

Keep it up PeteR! You have a wonderful
Bright future in store for you!

btw, would post pictures but left the
camera @ his hse!! haih, clumsy, clumsy!
SORRY!! post it ASAP! =D

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Hi ya guys, sorry if u were hoping 4 a
good luck wish b4 school started!! Totaly
4got... soo just wanna say it now..
ALL those whO wEnt back 2 school
on Monday, hope you enjoyed it till'
2day.. if you didn't.. so what! haHa..
No worries guys, OH, n gurls s well..
if you think things hasn't been that gr8..
u've always got... weL..actually, u've
got anyone 2 talk 2...! n NVR 4get
your most trusted friend! the one
that helps you through it ALL!
i'm sure you know who i'm talking bout'...
if u dOn't.... U NEED 2 cOme 4 sunday
school more often!! haha.. and heard
that some of the 18 year old's will
be starting college shortly..
ALL thE beSt n DO youR besT yEa!!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Hey there people...
soo, last Sunday, a group of guys from
our lovely Y.Y, and some others
had a futsal tournament, and guess what!
u'll never guess! They WON!! haHa..
ok... soo, u guessed it! BIG WHOOP!!
here are some pics, well here and
there, of those that went
soRy, couldn't take much when they were playing...
they moved 2 quick! ( i guess thats y they won! )

the group photo

there was another team @ the back..
you'd didn't think the gurls would hav missed
out now did u..??
just a little x-tra info, sophia broke her shoes
during the competition.. ( 2 excited i guess )
Austin and Brandon

Sunday, January 3, 2010

YoUnGeR YouThs!!

The YounGer YouTh! (in 1 word ) =) :

AnGeLa : Ambitious
Austin : Athletic
AmY : Admirable
AdRian : Authentic
BranDon : BenEvolent
BrYan Yoon : Brainy
Bryan LeE : Biddable
ChaRmainE : Chic
ClemEnt : Capable
DarryL : Daring
EmiLy : EnergEtic
Faith : FashionabLe
JanE : Just
JaSon : Jocund
JasOn Lim : cOol
JefFeRy : Joyfulness
YenG Mao : JolLy
JonatHan : Jovial
Kah YenG : Keen
Li Yin : Loveable
PeteR : Passionate
PhoEbE : Patient
SoPhia : SpoRting
YeE San : YouThful
YeAn Lynn : Virtuous
Yi Lin : WiSdOm

DERIC : Determined / Dependable
MING CHING : Meek / Mild

(iF i 4got anyone, please let mE know yea!
bcauz everyone is special!)

Saturday, January 2, 2010

ResuRreCtiOn oF thE YoUnGer YouTh bloG!

hey there people!! =D
just when you think this blog is dead.... hmmm
NVR doubt the YOUNGER YOUTH!! haha
we, are terribly soRy for keeping you
readers waiting for far too long with just a
single post.
AnYway, would like to wish everyone a very
blessed new year. Today was our 1st Sunday
School for 2010... soo, now younger youth is
not only a much bigger class it's also a merrier
one! or is iT a noisier one..? haha.. hopEfully
a merry one! The special thing about this
year's Y.Y iS taT it now consist of
16's, 17's and 18's!
Pictures of this years Y.Y will published shortly...