Sunday, January 18, 2009

Chinese New Year!

Hi,everyone."GongXi Fa Cai". Chinese new year is coming. So the "class monitor" are planning the 1st exciting activity of the younger youth class that is a class visitation to ppl house to collect ang pau. Haha.. Joking la.Just to visit your house and enjoy cny celebration with your family. So we plan to set a date in either 1 or 8 of Feb. Pls,pls,pls do tell us the day you are free by writing in the c-box beside and we will confirm the date and we will contact YOU! For anyone that are willing to let us to visit your beautiful house pls contact Orensan hotline 0122769893 or Mr.deRic 0123898382. thanks very much!
(Post by "dono why kena be monitor" - yeesan)

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