Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Birthday to Li Yin

First of all, Li Yin, Happy Birthday!!!
She is 17 now!!! Can drive already, yay.
Our class and some other friends had a surprise birthday party for Li Yin on Monday,
We met at church around 8 something then we all went to Li Yin's house,
We waited for everyone to arrive and quietly went into her house,
Her father let us in, he knew about it too, hehe, Kin Kit kept her in her room, great job!!
We lighted the cake and brought it to her room, her expression when she opened the door and saw us was priceless
The surprise was a success.
Later we all went down to the living room to eat and drink, Li Yin's dad prepared some refreshments for us, Thank you uncle
Then we each said a wish for Li Yin, there were many wishes, some which are funny
We later played charades where someone had to act out a movie chosen for them and we had to guess it, it was really fun and some of them were really hard like Fast and Furious, haha
Everyone went home around 9 something, it was a birthday to remember
Hope to be able to surprise more people, haha,
Anyways, Good luck for SPM, you'll do well, god bless and see everyone 2moro

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